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  • Type of wood - spruce, thermo wood
  • Round window - 900 mm
  • Additional window
  • Wooden door 1790 x 690 mm
  • Katepal tiles
  • Stove loaded from the vestibule
  • A table in the vestibule
  • Sauna Harvia glass door
  • Bench in the sauna
  • Harvia wood stove or electric stove options available
  • Harvia Stones (included in stove set)
  • LED lighting available
  • Painting and varnishing
  • 22L water container (optional)

Hobbit Small Sauna 4×1.95m

SKU: Hobbit2
  • The Hobbit Sauna 4x 195m is a medium-sized garden sauna for 4/5 people. It does not take up much space on the plot, but there are two rooms in the sauna: a changing room and a sauna room. Since the sauna is made in the form of an ellipse, there is more headroom, and in winter snow falls naturally from the roof.

    In the first room of the sauna there is an assembled bench, and you can also set a table. The sauna stove can be arranged to be charged from the first room.

    In the sauna you can place an electric or wood stove.

    The sauna is made of thermal wood or 3-ply spruce. 3-ply spruce is a cheaper option, however, the spruce and thermal wood sauna does not move and the door does not jam.

    The sauna is made of good materials: roof from Katepal, wide steel strips, certified wood, we take care of all the details.

    The product has a design registration certificate no. 005809746-0001 issued by the EU Intellectual Property Office.