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  • Dimensions: 235 Ø x 400 cm
  • Capacity: 5-7 people
  • Weight: 1120 kg
  • Wood stove: Harvia16 + chimney with 24 liter water tank
  • Door: 179 × 69 cm
  • Outer wall: 42mm
  • Inner wall: 28mm
  • Material: thermal wood
  • LED lightning


Barrel Sauna 400 DeLux

SKU: BarrelDelux
  • What are your requirements for a good sauna? Big enough to fit everyone but small enough to warm up quickly? A separate room for clothes and a place to join? – a certain thing. Terasa where to cool down after heating? - Exactly! If you get Sauna Barrel 400 DeLux, you'll get it all.

    Glass end wall for a view directly from the heating room;

    Harvia quality electric stove with chimney and water tank;

    LED lighting in all rooms.

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