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Sirius Hestakerrur

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Leyfð heildarþyngd

1600 - 2000 - 2500 - 3000 - 3500

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2 - 3 öxlar

Um kerruna

Heimasíða Sirius er HÉR og möguleikar í útfærlum eru HÉR.

The comfort of your horse during transport

Sirius has focused on the comfort of your horse in the development of its horse trailers.

A horse is by nature a flight animal; that is a fact that we must take into account when experiencing the horse during transport in a trailer. In the pasture, the horse constantly moves its head and neck. A horse with an average height at the withers of168 cm can, if both front legs remain on the ground, reach a height of 240 cm with the head.

But can the horse still move enough when it is - often for hours - in an average trailer or truck? A horse trailer with a standard interior height of 230 cm and a length of 310 cm offers your horse insufficient space. A horse will therefore forcibly keep its head down, and because the roof (instinctively for it horse) is so close to the head, bend his head down even further than is actually necessary.

The sloping front wall combined with the often too little length in the fore tip will also result in the horse having to bend its head and neck inwards. This position can, especially on longer journeys, lead to severe cramps, resulting in reduced driving performance and resistance during trailer loading.

Completely separate from this is the heat development that arises just under the roof. When the trailer is higher, the horse will automatically suffer less from the heat.

Choose well, choose generously, choose Sirius!


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